• High-end residential housing in Karen

We pride ourselves in our ability to work in different environments and adapt to complete tasks successfully. It is due to this that we have completed a diverse range of projects in this sector, evidence of which can be seen all over the country. From remote locations like Ngema and Ntuka, to densely populated urban areas such such as Mathare 4A, and from high-end residential neighbourhoods such as Karen and the Runda Estate, to industrial areas like Embakassi; projects have been successfully completed by Birdi Civil Engineers in all these areas.

We are equipped to carry out the following building and construction works:

  • Commercial office blocks and administrative buildings
  • Industrial godowns of all types and sizes
  • Open-air markets, bus stations and other public facilities
  • Residential housing units (high-end, apartments, gated communities, estates)
  • Schools, hospitals, pumping stations and other community projects

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