Amrik Singh Birdi

Founder, Shareholder, Managing Director

Water Engineer with over 57 years of experience in the field, including 10 years as Provincial Water Engineer for Nairobi Province. Founded BCE Ltd in 1979 upon retirement from public service.

Jasvinder singh birdi

Shareholder, Director

Civil Engineer with 33 years specific experience in the civil engineering field. Lead cost estimator for the company since joining in the 1980s. Successfully prepared over 50 winning bids for civil works and infrastructure development projects in addition to overseeing several large-scale projects. 

tejinder singh birdi

Shareholder, Director, Contracts Manager

Mechanical Engineer with over 27 years general experience in the mechanical and civil engineering fields. 15 years of specific road construction experience and 20 years experience in the manufacture and fabrication of all types of water pipes and fittings. Successfully managed several large-scale projects to completion.

pritpal singh birdi

Projects Engineer, Mechanical & Materials Engineer

Mechanical and Materials Engineer specialising in design and additive manufacturing. Masters in Engineering Management from the University of Birmingham, U.K. Key role in project management, cost estimation and tendering processes. 


Design & Manufacturing Engineer, Mechanical Engineer (Automotive)

Mechanical Engineer focussing on steel fabrication, mechanical and automotive works. BEng in Mechanical Engineering (Automotive) from the University of Birmingham, U.K. Key role in design and manufacturing, as well as plant and equipment maintenance.  

wilson kituma

Senior Civil Engineer

Civil Engineer with over 10 years experience across the industry and country. Senior cost estimator and site agent. Has successfully overseen 3 large-scale projects to completion. 

francis sewe

Head of Accounts Department 

Qualified CPA accountant with considerable experience in finance, budgeting, tax administration and other key financial tasks 

elizabeth kiilu

Procurement Officer

Joined the company 18 years ago as a secretary. Vast experience and contacts in the field, coupled with exemplary performance means she has become and remains a valued member of the core staff at BCE Ltd. 

John ithele

Inventory Manager

Has handled the considerable job of inventory manager at the company for 25 years. Critical role in ensuring all requisitions to numerous sites are dealt with efficiently, and key role in the day-to-day operations of BCE Ltd. 

Cosmas kioko

Workshop Manager

Joined the company as a steel fabricator and welder. High skill application and exemplary job performance led to promotion to current position.